Residential Subdivision

Subdivision Plats

Since 1989, H. Aubrey Hawkins & Associates provides Subdivision Plat services to Central Virginia’s residential and commercial building communities. Subdivision survey services provide the confidence needed to accurately subdivide one lot — or a thousand. Subdividing land into two or more parcels requires interacting with governmental agencies, property owners, developers, engineers, and architects to prepare and process plats through the various permit issuing agencies.

The expertise, knowledge, and experience of the land surveyor are key to ensuring accuracy when preparing boundary surveys and subdivision plats. Subdivision plats can be as simple as splitting one parcel into two or as complex as subdividing several hundred acres into a multi-use land development project of hundreds of parcels. In either situation, the land surveyor must be a true professional.

H. Aubrey Hawkins & Associates is your Northern and Central Virginia land survey and land planning professionals specializing in Boundary Surveys, House Location Surveys, Subdivision Plats, and Construction Stakeout services. We look forward to meeting you and consider it a privilege to serve the Northern and Central Virginia area with the finest in land surveying and land planning services.Call today to schedule an appointment for your next project at 540-825-0238.